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Modelling Agencies in UK

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We are always on the lookout for new talent, we urgently need models from all nationalities with diverse looks and all shapes and sizes, so if you believe that you can become a model with a passion for your craft then why not drop us a line. Simply fill in the form on the left and upload some photos of yourself, so that we can get an idea of what you can do.

We always look for new models

Tips should be followed before sending your profile to a modelling agency.


1. Professional photos are not required please send normal /natural photographs only, as we wanted to see your bone structure only


2. Photos attached with the application should be front facing head shoot


3. Do not smile or pout, be normal


4. Do not go for styling your hair,make sure it's not obscuring your face


5. Never wear accessories such as scarf ,hats jewellery, bandanas


6. Make sure that your makeup is light


7. The jawline  should not be covered with your hair for side profile


8. Color photographs are required without computer editing


9. Do not submit a body shoot we will contact you if it will be needed


10. Go for fitted clothes/outfit in solid colors


11. Try to stand up straight,Your posture should suits to your body structure



Please apply by email to us with photographs of yourself or you can apply online by using our application form on the left hand side, once we receive your email you will be contacted as soon as possible!